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Welcome to Sega Resurrection.

I can be contacted via email at, or via the Sega Resurrection Page on Facebook. (Note - Updated URL)

Kits can be ordered to resurrect games running on Sega System 16, 18 and X boards which have suicided, died, or just not working due to a failing FD1089 or FD1094 security processor.

Even if you game is running fine, it only has a lifespan limited to the remaining charge in the battery powering the security processor.. Once the battery goes, your game will not run, even if you replace the battery in the processor.

After replacing the battery backed suicide processor with a standard 68000 CPU, and changing the code eproms with the supplied roms, the game will never fail due to a flat battery.

What is this all about?

Sega in their wisdom decided to use a protection device called a "FD1094" on many of their arcade boards. These were mainly used on games that used Outrun, System16/18/24 and X Board style pcbs. The FD1094/FD1089 replaces the standard 10mhz 68000 and contains a 68000 core, lithium battery and encryption ram which is used to hold the key which is used to decrypt the game code. The main reason for this was to protect Sega against unlawful production of bootleg boards, and also to stop arcade operators taking the cheap option of burning a new set of roms to allow their pcbs to run the latest Sega game.

Fast forward 15-20 years and these games have passed through the 'scrap bin' of operators into the hands of Classic arcade game collectors who wish to play the games they fed so many quarters/pence into as kids.

Unfortunately Sega never expected their games to still be in use this far after their release, and used batteries which had a lifespan of approximately 10 years.

Amazingly some of these batteries are still powering these security chips, but not for long. Sega also used batteries in earlier security chips and they are going flat. Once all these batteries go flat, there is no way of recovering the game code.

Until now....

What has been done about this?

Fortunately people have been aware of this problem and have been trying to remove the need for these FD1094/FD1089 protection chips for many years. Until recently this work has been unsuccessful and the only way to revive a board on which the battery in the FD1094/FD1089 CPU has gone flat, was to utilise the code roms from a Sega game which was unprotected or bootlegged. Often Sega decided to release a version of the same game code for a different region which uses a standard 68000 instead of a FD1094, but this usually meant it was in a different language, or in the case of bootlegged games, had different title screens, copyright names removed, and in some cases parts were removed from the game because they were to hard to bootleg.

Through the work of Charles MacDonald and Nicola Salmoria, the FD1094 protection chip has been reverse engineered and games protected with this can be played on PC's using MAME which performs the decryption in real time using the original game roms.

Since the 'key' data stored in the FD1094/FD1089 is unique for each game, it is not possible to retrieve the key just by examining the encrypted data. A working FD1094/FD1089 CPU is required to extract the necessary key. A list of FD1094's which have had the key's extracted is being maintained by 'TheGuru' at SEGA 317-xxxx Security Parts List

If you have a FD1094/FD1089 that is not listed or marked as 'Wanted' please contact me at and I will arrange to get the key data and program roms dumped. Once the key is dumped it will be possible to create replacement program roms.

How do I resurrect my game?

The kit replaces between 2 and 6 eproms on the rom board, and the FD1094/FD1089 security chip on the main pcb.

When your resurrection kit arrives, it will have between 2 and 6 eproms and a replacement 68000 processor. Using either an IC puller or carefully prying the chip up with a flathead screwdriver, remove the roms with the same epr number and put the supplied roms in their place.

Remove the FD1094/FD1089 security processor by inserting a flat head under one end and prying it up. Then do the same with the other end. (With some games, you may need to separate the CPU and rom boards to gain access to the other side of the FD1094/FD1089).

Insert the replacement 68000 CPU taking care to make sure the notch is in the right place.

Make sure there are no no bent pins on the 68000 CPU.

Now you should be able to replace the board back into the cabinet, or your test rig and power the game up.

You now have a resurrected game.


Which games can I resurrect?

The following table shows the current games which can be resurrected and their corresponding CPU ID.

If you have a FD1094/FD1089 CPU that is not listed here please contact me at and I will arrange to get the key data and program roms dumped. In return for this I will provide a free resurrection kit for your game.

System 16a CPU ID
Alien Syndrome Set 1 (FD1089) 317-0033
Alien Syndrome Set 2 (FD1089) 317-0033
Alien Syndrome Set 5 (FD1089) 317-0037
Fantasy Zone encrypted (FD1089) 317-0016
Shinobi (set 1) 317-0050
SDI Set 1 (FD1089)317-0027
Tetris (set 4, Japan) 317-0093
Tetris (set 3, Japan) 317-0093a
Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (set 1) 317-0084
System 16b
Aurail (Japanese, FD1089) 317-0167
Aurail (World, FD1089) 317-0168
Alien Syndrome Set 3 (FD1089) 317-0033
Bay Route (set 3, World) 317-0116
Bay Route (set 2, Japan) 317-0115
Cotton (set 3, World) 317-0181a
Cotton (set 2, US) 317-0180
Cotton (set 1, Japan) 317-0179a
Dunkshot (FD 1089) 317-0022
Dynamite Dux Japanese (set 3) 317-0094
Dynamite Dux (set 2) 317-0096
E-Swat - Cyber Police (set 3, World) 317-0130
E-Swat - Cyber Police (set 2, US) 317-0129
E-Swat - Cyber Police (set 1, Japan) 317-0128
Excite League 317-0079
Flash Point (set 2, Japan) 317-0127A
Flash Point (set 1, Japan) 317-0127A
Golden Axe (set 5, US) 317-0122
Golden Axe (set 4, Japan) 317-0121
Golden Axe (set 3, World) 317-0120
Golden Axe (set 1, World) 317-0110
Juuouki (set 3, Japan) 317-0068
MVP (set 2, US) 317-0143
MVP (set 1, Japan) 317-0142
Passing Shot (World, 2 Players) 317-0080
Passing Shot (World, 4 Players) 317-0074
Passing Shot (Japan, 4 Players) 317-0070
RyuKyu (Japan) 317-5023
Shinobi (set 2) 317-0049
SDI Set 2 (Defense) (FD1089)317-0028
SDI Set 3 (FD1089)317-0028
Sonic Boom 317-0053
Super League 317-0045
Tetris (set 2, Japan) 317-0092
Tetris (set 1, Japan) 317-0091
Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (set 4, Japan) 317-0087
Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (set 3, World) 317-0089
Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (set 2, Japan) 317-0085
Wrestle War (set 2, World) 317-0102
Wrestle War (set 1, Japan) 317-0090
System 18
Alien Storm (set 3, World, 3 Players) 317-0148
Alien Storm (set 2, US, 3 Players) 317-0147
Alien Storm (set 1, Japan, 2 Players) 317-0146
Alien Storm (Set 4, World 2 Players) 317-0154
Bloxeed (Japan) 317-0139
Clutch Hitter (set 2, US) 317-0176
Clutch Hitter (set 1, Japan) 317-0175
Desert Breaker (World) 317-0196
Desert Breaker (Japanese 317-0194
D. D. Crew (set 4, World, 3 Player) 317-0190
D. D. Crew (set 3, US, 4 Player) 317-0186
D. D. Crew (set 2, World, 2 Player) 317-0184
D. D. Crew (set 1, World, 4 Player) 317-?
D. D. Crew (set 5, Japan, 2 Player) 317-0182
Laser Ghost (set 2, World) 317-0166
Laser Ghost (set 1, US) 317-0165
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (set 3, World) 317-0159
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (set 2, US) 317-0158
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (set 1, Japan) 317-0157
Wally wo Sagase! (rev B, Japan) 317-0197B
Wally wo Sagase! (rev A, Japan) 317-0197A
System X
Thunder Blade (upright) 317-0056
Line of Fire / Bakudan Yarou (World) 317-0136
Line of Fire / Bakudan Yarou (US) 317-0135
Line of Fire / Bakudan Yarou (Japan) 317-0134
Racing Hero 317-0144
Super Monaco GP (set 8, World, Rev B, 'Twin') 317-0126a
Super Monaco GP (set 7, World, Rev A) 317-0126a
Super Monaco GP (set 6, World, 'Air Drive Cabinet') 317-0126
Super Monaco GP (set 5, US, Rev C) 317-0125a
Super Monaco GP (set 4, US, Rev B) 317-0125a
Super Monaco GP (set 3, US, Rev A) 317-0125a
Super Monaco GP (set 2, US) 317-0125a
Super Monaco GP (set 1, Japan, Rev B) 317-0124a
A.B. Cop 317-0169b
GP Rider (set 1, US) 317-0162
Enduro Racer (YM2203 version) 317-0013A
Enduro Racer (YM2151 version) 317-0013A
Turbo OutRun (original sitdown) 317-0109
Turbo OutRun (OutRun upgrade) 317-0118
Turbo OutRun (upright) 317-unknown
*NEW* FD1089 based games
Alien Syndrome Set 1 317-0033
Alien Syndrome Set 2 317-0033
Alien Syndrome Set 3 317-0033
Alien Syndrome Set 5 317-0037
Aurail (Japanese) 317-0167
Aurail (World) 317-0168
Enduro Racer (YM2203 version) 317-0013A
Enduro Racer (YM2151 version) 317-0013A
SDI Set 1317-0027
SDI Set 2 (Defense)317-0028
SDI Set 3317-0028
Dunkshot 317-0022
Super Hangon (Set 2) 317-0034
Super Hangon (Set 3) 317-0034


Prices and Ordering


A single kit costs $60 USD including postage. A kit consists of a replacement 68000 CPU which goes in place of the FD1094/FD1089 CPU and 2 to 6 replacement program eproms.

Current payment methods are PayPal only. Contact me via email if you require other options

How to Order

Follow these steps to order your resurrection kit

1) Locate the game code roms on your board using the following diagrams, and note the epr-XXXX numbers on the roms circled or alternatively, if the FD1094/FD1089 chip id (317-XXXX) is still readable, use this number instead.


System16B 171-5358 Style

System16B 171-5521 Style

System16B 171-5704 Style

System16B 171-5797 Style

System18 837-7178 Style

System18 837-5987 Style

Outrun - (Picture not available)

System X

If your pcb doesn't match any of the above pictures, note down all the eprom numbers and send all of these and I will be able to determine the roms you need

2) Send an email to with these details, (game name, rom id's and/or FD1094/FD1089 id), and you will be sent an email confirmation saying that the game you have can be resurrected, and payment details.

 Your order will then be processed

3) Once the payment has been received, the kit will be shipped. A shipping email will be sent at this point and you should receive the kit within a week.

4) When you receive your kit, follow the included instructions to fit it.

If you need assistance fitting the kit please email


Updates and News

- Added link to Facebook page for a quicker way to contact me.

- Things to come.. System 24 disks and de-suicided disks. System 32 desuicide. World Rally re-program how to and more

Not many updates to the website, but plenty going on behind the scenes.

- FD1089 317-0037 Alien Syndrome (set 5) added.
- FD1094 317-0016 Fantazy Zone added. Thanks to Robbie Jarebica.
- FD1094 317-0094 Dynamite Dux added. Thanks to David Hanley.

Older Updates

- Two new kits added to the site. Thanks to Frans van Egmond and Fr├ęderic Canoen for providing FD1094's for Turbo Outrun (317-0109) and Alien Storm (317-0154).

- Added new kits for FD1089 games. More to come

- Added more FD1089 kits. (SDI - Strategic Defense Initiative, Aurail, a others )

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