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Here are some tutorials on how to replace batteries on Sega and other companies boards that use suicide batteries.

DISCLAIMER - These instructions are followed at your OWN risk. If you accidently short the wires, or desolder a wire accidently disconnecting the battery, you are on your own.


Replacing a battery in a FD1089

Parts needed

- CR2032 3v pcb mount lithium battery

- Extra CR2032 3v pcb mount battery

- Two pieces of wire. Red and Black preferable. (I used yellow and white in mine)

Tools needed

1 - Remove the plastic cover from the FD1089 by pushing in the tabs on the sides with a small screwdriver. Then pry up the cover.

2 - Using a blade or knife, scrape away any plastic or coating from the base of the wire leads to allow the solder to flow. DO NOT use a cutting motion. The idea is to scape the insulation off the wire, not cut it.

3 - Solder a helper battery to the two wires that go to the battery in the FD1089 about 5 mm away from where the wires come out the FD1089. Make sure you solder the positive (+) wire from the helper battery to the positive wire and negative (-) wire to the negative wire as shown in the picture. If you are worried about which is which, use a meter to measure the voltages on each battery. I keep the helper battery wrapped in electrical tape to avoid fatal accidents. Make sure this is a solid solder joint.

4 - Carefully desolder the wires from the battery. The battery helper wires should be far enough away so their solder joints won't melt. This should leave the two wires sitting away from the FD1089 with enough room to solder the new battery to. A word of warning. If these two wires are shorted, your FD1089 will loose it's security ram and effectively be dead.

5 - Fit a new 3v lithium cell with tags into the space where the old battery came from. I couldn't locate an exact replacement so I used a vertical pcb mount battery. Solder the positive (+) and negative (-) wires to the new battery being careful not to knock the helper battery wires off. If you use the same style battery, cut the extra negative pin off with a pair of wire cutters to help avoid accidents

6 - When you are sure you have good solder joints to the new battery, remove the two helper wires. Now the FD1089 is being powered by it's own battery again.

7 - Put the top back on the FD1089 and look forward to another 10 years of gaming.


Keep your meter handy and use it to measure voltages so you can be sure you are making good joints ,etc

Check and double check the polarity of the wire you are soldering.

Make sure the exposed wires from the FD1089 do not touch eacher other. One slip and the FD1089 is dead

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